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broccoli soup in white bowl

One for everyone, try this delicious new healthy soup recipe

Cream of Broccoli Soup Soup is one of those foods I find that many want to make, but are either too scared it will be tasteless, or think it is too time consuming. I recall in my younger days I was totally amazed how my late Mum could make a soup so much tastier than what came out of a…

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Back to Basics: Leek & Potato Soup

This to me is such an easy soup to put together but I realised that if you’ve never made it, you might not realise how easy it is! This version is a healthy vegan, gluten free and slimming world friendly recipe! 🙂 This soup just contains leeks, potatoes, onions, water, a bit of mustard and paprika with some seasoning. That’s…

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Happy New Year & Tasty Free-From Potato & Leek Soup

Happy New Year & Tasty Free-From Potato & Leek Soup 2016 is here! Today is the day for all those new year resolutions to start! If I’d been writing this post ten, maybe even five years ago then I would be thinking top on your list would be dieting, less junk food, giving up drinking or smoking. Now with the…

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Ten minute Peacorn Soup DEGF (Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free.)

Ten Minute DEGF Peacorn Soup Cold? Tired? Hungry? Want to eat something nutritious and yummy in the next ten minutes? That was me yesterday lunchtime and I suddenly had the urge for pea soup! However, my poor freezer only had a handful of peas left and I was really looking forward to soup 🙁 but then I saw the frozen sweetcorn and…

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