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bowl of carrot & cumin soup

Comforting Carrot & Cumin soup you will love & need to make frequently

Comforting Carrot Soup This soup was created because firstly, I had spent the morning listening to soup ideas as the weather here has suddenly become very Autumnal. Secondly, I had lots of carrots that needed eating, and soup was the easy way to make them into something delicious! I was a bit surprised that my blog was missing a carrot…

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Back to Basics: Coleslaw

Back to Basics: Coleslaw Yes. I know. You can buy it from the store! Coleslaw though is different wherever you buy it! Some are too creamy, some have a lot of onion in, others are watery or taste vinegary. So, how about you create your own coleslaw so it’s just how you want it every time. Think of coleslaw as…

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