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energy balls

Delicious quick and easy protein snacks to make now

Energy Balls. A quick and easy snack recipe for you today. I love making these protein snacks and vary the ingredients depending on what I have in and what I feel like eating. No recipe as such, instead some energy ball ideas to get you experimenting! If that scares you and you feel like you need a bit more help,…

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peanut butter balls ina pyramid shape with dates and a spoon of pb powder

Simple but delicious 2 ingredient snack you’ll love

Simple but delicious 2 ingredient snack you’ll love This week is a very simple but delicious 2 ingredient snack you’ll love! Now of course, you can make these with more ingredients, but this is a tree-nut free recipe for my friend Anna! This is a sweet recipe, almost fudge like, and if you can mash, mix and roll, you can…

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Winter warming spiced cake

Winter warming spiced cake Cold! Yes, winter is definitely approaching! SIX degrees centigrade this week (43f) after a balmy average of 16c (61f) over the half term holidays. So we need something warm and yummy whilst we curl up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book! 😀 This is one of those recipes that I’d bookmarked…

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Healthy Snacks & Treats (DEGF). Swap that sugar!

Healthy Snacks & Treats Today here is something a bit different. Not a recipe as we don’t all always have time to be in the kitchen cooking up Blueberry Cinnamon Muffins or Oaty Chocolate Drizzle Yummies. Yesterday I found ‘just what I’d been looking for’ in the guise of some wonderful jars! Not just any jars! Screwtop jars with easy to…

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Cookies… Biscuits… Oaty Choco Drizzle Yummies! Dairy AND Gluten free!

Oaty Choco Drizzle Yummies Yesterday I decided to experiment and attempt to make some gluten and dairy free ‘nutritious’ and ‘healthy’ biscuits. When I went to bed I decided I need to make some more today! After tweaking the recipe to get a crumbly tasty cookie, then improving it by topping it with chocolate I couldn’t stop eating them… but…

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Sweet Sunday: Healthy Chocolate Protein Truffles

Healthy Chocolate Protein Truffles Yesterday I visited my favourite health shop to stock up on raw cacao, fresh dates, quinoa, apple vinegar and a gluten free flour. Instead of quinoa I decided to buy freekeh (as it was considerably cheaper) so I’ll be experimenting with that over the next few days. I also found brown rice vinegar and brown rice…

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