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Summer Fun

The sun is shining, it is the school holidays and not much cooking is going on here! We’ve been munching on watermelon slices, watermelon cubes and watermelon pizza! 😛 We’ve made watermelon smoothies and watermelon cocktails! We’re fortunate that we have several Asian Supermarkets nearby and they stock the tastiest, biggest watermelons that would probably be too oval and too…

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Don’t judge!

Don’t judge! What ‘DO’ you eat? or should I ask what ‘DON’T’ you eat? or even ‘HOW’ do you eat it? If you’re one of these people who actually ‘cares’ about what you eat (or where it came from) then you’ve probably been questioned about what you eat!? Or rather… what you ‘don’t’ eat!? Maybe people ask your advice about certain…

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