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Is your life on fast forward? Do you need to pause, rewind, stop, play, repeat?

Take five! Sometimes. We all need a break. Sometimes we just need to step back from all the craziness the world throws at us. Sometimes, coffee and cake, or tea and biscuits is what we need. Feelings This week someone told me that when asked about my feelings, I talk about everyones except my own. So, how are you today?…

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Fruity Coconut Ice Lollies

Ah, I know what you’re thinking! That’s not a recipe missy! 😛 Well, have you made these? Or just looked at them? See! There you go! 😀 You do need a ridiculously simple recipe! Okay, so I wasn’t going to post this, but you know what… they are so delicious that I just had to share! 😀 Oh, and I’m…

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Put on Purple… served with ice-cream!

Put on Purple… served with ice-cream! I wasn’t intending to post today as I should really have ‘one’ rest day in my – “I’m having a rest week”! Never mind – maybe at the weekend I can get some rest! 😀 So, why am I posting and what’s all this about purple? Well, the month of May is Lupus month…

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