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Pate and bread

Make this mushroom dish your favourite for spreads, dips, or stuffing.

Mushrooms. This week I have had several people tell me about their dislike for mushrooms! Now, I do get it. Well, maybe. In a way I get it. If you give me tinned button mushrooms heated up in the microwave, then I’m totally with you! A bowl of tepid mushroom soup will make me understand too. Perhaps if you feed…

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mushroom burger on a plate

Try mushrooms to easily make the most delicious Vegan Burger

Vegan Burgers. The great thing about vegan burgers is the fact that you can use almost any ingredient and create something which resembles a burger. Usually, I would use a tofu, bean or chickpea base to bind my ingredients together, this time I have used oats. Mushrooms are a great ‘meaty’ substitute and I often chop a handful, fry them…

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Mushroom Stroganoff Dairy & Gluten Free!

Mushroom Stroganoff. DEGF Mushrooms! Yum! For a vegetarian or a vegan, mushrooms are one of those ‘meatier’ foods which you can actually sink your teeth into and chew! This stroganoff will allow you to do just that and savour all the goodness these fungi bring! Mushrooms are able to produce their own Vitamin D 🙂 when exposed to sunlight! If…

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