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Free From Baking in a hurry… thought to blog in 35 minutes!!!

Free From Baking in a hurry… Thought to blog in 35 minutes!!! Hello 🙂 🙂 🙂 So another WHOLE week has passed and I have been sillyly (that’s GOT to become a word)! busy yet again! I couldn’t bear the thought of not posting at least once and I guessed that some of you might be short of time too!…

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Y = YOU & Yummies!

Y = You and Yummies! Today I am making the post easy for myself in my A-Z Challenge! Sometimes ‘YOU’ deserve some ‘me’ time! So today is just for YOU! So stop whatever else you are doing! Listen to your breathing. Relax your shoulders. Err no… relax them some more! Empty your head. Concentrate on your breathing. Now even if only for…

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Baked Apple Oatmeal Bites (D.E.G.F.)

Baked Apple Oatmeal Bites It’s another cold and frosty morning here in the UK so breakfast needed to be something hot and comforting! Although I do love a bowl of porridge with almond butter and sliced banana, today I wanted to try something different! I have seen several baked oatmeal recipes floating around and decided that (if I could avoid turning…

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