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custard and fruit

Back to Basics: Custard you’ll love… to stop you buying ready made!

Custard. Custard is something which is made quite often in our house! Usually, it is to pour over a crumble or a sponge pudding. Occasionally it is to make banana-custard and sometimes it is just to eat as it is! My late Mum taught me how to make egg free custard at an early age, so it is something which…

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Alphabet April and Apple Apricot & Almond Afters!

Alphabet April and Apple Apricot & Almond Afters! Well, today starts the A-Z blogging challenge! 🙂 (I’m currently listed as participant 684) I had hoped to be more prepared for this month and think what I was posting in advance but it seems (as usual) my planning didn’t always reach my kitchen! 😛 Thankfully the alphabet starts with ‘A’ so…

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