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DEGF Speedy Chickpea Biryani… a challenge for you!!!

Speedy Chickpea Biryani… a challenge for you! 🙂 As you probably know I like to use my own recipes which I have created from scratch 🙂 However, this is a challenge not set by me, but by the British Children’s Food Trust ‘Lets Get Cooking’ team. The idea is that this weekend starting from TODAY everyone should cook the same speedy…

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Quick & Tasty Vegetable Rice

Quick & Tasty Vegetable Rice I had so many things to write today, little snippets I’d been saving but now my day has run away with me! This morning we have already had glorious bright glaring sunshine, followed by a giant black shadow throwing down bucket loads of rain, then the sunshine returning almost immediately! Looking outside now I can…

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Chilli bean lunch pot (DEGF of course)!

Chilli bean lunch pot (DEGF)… Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free. With the weather in the UK getting colder by the day I decided that some warming food was needed! This can be prepared in advance and quickly heated up for a filling and nutritious lunch. Alternatively cook it for dinner and serve with a jacket potato and a salad (note to…

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