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plate with 3 rhubarb & custard tarts

Enjoy these delicious tarts with this great idea for seasonal rhubarb.

Rhubarb. If you are in the UK and you have previously planted rhubarb, you will likely have already seen it growing. I have already picked two lots of rhubarb… when I say lots, that’s over 50 stalks a time! Rhubarb is one of those things that just seems to get on with it whether you remember it or not! If…

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Love these four fantastic ways with seasonal rhubarb

Love these four fantastic ways with seasonal rhubarb Rhubarb is one of those fruits which I think is often overlooked. We have always grown rhubarb. We had it at home growing up, I have it in the garden and of course, I have a plentiful supply on the allotment! If you are looking for rhubarb recipe ideas, then keep reading!…

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Ravishing Rhubarb Rounds

Ravishing Rhubarb Rounds Hellooooo! I’m here! I’m back! 🙂 Not that I was ever really away, but some of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit distracted lately. This evening was the first time in almost a week that I ‘really’ thought about this post! The alphabet A-Z challenge has kept me blogging daily (as usual) but I’ve hardly…

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