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New website! New recipes! Frittata!

Finally!!! Yes, at long long last I have managed to move my blog over to a self-hosted site! The new site will still have weekly recipes but it will also have so much more! 😀 Please use the sign-up form so you don’t miss out… even if you were already signed up before! Please note you will no longer receive…

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sizzled tofu steak

Sizzled Tofu Steak with a sprinkling of motivation!

Sizzled Tofu Steak with a sprinkling of motivation! Tofu!? I hear you! 😀 You’re probably thinking seriously!? There’s a ton of tastier foods to eat! 😛 Well, this is my best tofu yet! It is so good! Can I say that again?! This is so amazingly good! 😀 You might have heard me say before if prepared properly that tofu soaks…

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Chana Saag Paneer Tikka Masala (Vegan)!

Chana Saag Paneer Tikka Masala (Vegan!) Yummy!!! Easy! Seriously! 🙂 My dishes seem to be getting easier and easier as my diary fills up with more and more things. This is another ‘why didn’t I do that before’ dish! It’s creamy, it’s spicy, it’s baked, it’s nutritious, it’s protein packed and it’s simple to make!!! 😀 Hooray! No frying, no slaving,…

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Spiced Tofu… try it you might be surprised!

Spiced Tofu Love it or hate it? 😛 I haven’t posted a tofu recipe for a while! It’s one of those foods you either love, and try all different ways, or hate and avoid at all costs! I used to fall into the latter. I could never see the point of eating a bland lump of disintegrating mush. Boy was I…

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Tofu veg bowl

Tofu veg bowl I never used to like tofu. I didn’t get it! Now I love it as I know how to cook it properly! 🙂 That said, I hadn’t had tofu for at least a month and this… well, this was something different to anything I’ve cooked before! I was intending to make soup as the weather in the…

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Crunchy baked polenta crusted tofu!

Crunchy baked polenta crusted tofu! Hey! 🙂 How are you all? Have you all been rushed off your feet (like me) or have you found time to relax and enjoy the sunshine (if there’s been any your way?)? This week in the Life Diet Health kitchen there was lots going on! Double and treble our usual number for dinner on…

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chinese new year

Salt ‘n’ Chili Tofu

Salt ‘n’ Chili Tofu Ever had something at a restaurant you wanted to recreate at home? This is one of my favourite Chinese style dishes and although it’s not the healthiest (it does need frying) at least you’ll know what’s in it! 🙂 I never actually thought I’d be able to make this but it’s so easy when you know how! These…

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Do you really know how to cook Tofu?

Do you really know how to cook Tofu? When I was vegetarian I really didn’t like tofu. I didn’t understand why it was even something people liked to eat! 😛 When I became vegan and thought (wrongly) that I had less to eat (such as no cheese, no eggs), tofu seemed to be an ideal food to try again! If…

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Tantalisingly Tasty Tofu! YES really!!! & FREE show tickets!

Tantalisingly Tasty Tofu! I know! 😛 Some of you hate tofu! It’s bland. It has the texture of congealed custard. It just isn’t something you eat! I know! 🙂 That was me about two years ago! I’ve been vegetarian for over twenty years, but tofu… nope! I just didn’t get it! Let me tell you a tofu secret! Tofu is a…

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